Equity Securities

Williams Capital has offered equity execution to institutional clients since its inception in 1994. We take pride in our reputation for integrity, excellent customer service, insightful equity research and competitive trade and transaction execution. Our daily objective is to be a thought-leader on the issues critical to the execution and investment goals of our investment management clients.


  • Agency Only, Client Centric
  • Single Stock, ETF, Program, and Block Trading
  • Share Repurchase
  • Access to Multiple Algorithm Suites
  • Benchmark Driven
  • Pre/Post Trade Analysis
  • Experienced, Integrated Operations & Compliance Teams
  • State-of-the-art Trading Desk Technology
  • Settlement Through a Top Tier Clearing Broker

Institutional clients, please contact us at wcgequitytrading@willcap.com

Equity Research

WCG equity research covers the U.S. Energy & Infrastructure sectors. We believe our sector specialization, small- and mid-cap stock focus and detailed industry and financial analysis provide us with a proprietary knowledge base and a differentiated view.

  • Electric Utilities, Natural Gas, Electric Generation
  • Oil & Gas: Exploration & Production
  • Alternative Energy & Clean Tech

Please click here for a list of companies under coverage. Institutional clients, to be added to our research distribution please contact us at wcgequityresearch@willcap.com

Share Repurchase

Since launching its share repurchase service in 1997, Williams Capital has participated in multiple rotations for numerous U.S. blue-chip corporations totaling hundreds of millions of shares. We take a conservative approach to buyback execution, participating over the course of the day and committing a strategic portion of the day’s mandate to take advantage of what we believe are favorable price opportunities. The firm’s dedicated trading team has access to third party research and algorithmic trading tools to analyze trading patterns and develop informed execution strategies. Each repurchase mandate is actively managed to ensure effective performance regardless of deviations from daily trading patterns. Our strict procedures and experienced, integrated operations and compliance teams ensure accurate reporting and flawless settlement.

Corporate Access

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