Fixed Income Securities

Williams Capital Fixed Income is a client-centric institutional sales, trading and capital markets platform across a spectrum of fixed income products.

  • Government/Agencies
  • Municipals
  • Commercial Paper
  • Corporate Bonds (Investment Grade and High Yield)
  • Asset Backed Securities
  • Mortgage Backed Securities
  • CMBS

Our sales and trading professionals have years of market experience through numerous rate and credit cycles. We have strong relationships with public and private pension funds, trust companies, insurance companies, money managers, banks and hedge funds.

We offer our clients market intelligence, thorough analysis and access to trading liquidity. As liquidity is a cornerstone of any effective investment process, Williams Capital utilizes its breadth of account relationships and dealer relationships and can use its own balance sheet to maximize liquidity for its customers.

Williams Capital is the only independent broker-dealer to have a meaningful presence in the commercial paper market, currently serving as a dealer on 39 corporate programs. Our objective is to expand each issuer’s investor base by educating our investors to approve the issuer’s credit, targeting a broad spectrum of small and large investors, and executing reverse inquiry.

The WCG fixed income desk is supported by our experienced, integrated operations and compliance teams and provides settlement through a top tier clearing broker. Combined with our expertise in underwriting, Williams Capital has solidified itself as a leading fixed income capital markets platform.